Welcome to Gamebridge Unityversity global game school of code & creativity

Gamebridge Unityversity is a free global school of game development with learning tutorials that teach how to make games and weekly mentoring classes at Bay Area hackerspaces and on Twitch streaming.


Follow our tutorials and you’ll have made your first Unity 3D game in minutes! You’ll learn how to make a first-person shooter where you can explore, pickup items, interact with enemies and allies, and even embed computers with text adventure games inside your 3D world.

block placer

Physical Classes

We teach in physical classes at weekly  Gamebridge Tuesdays at Noisebridge and Hack The Future youth learning hackathons.


Virtual Campus

Gamebridge is also the world of the game Code Hero, a game that teaches how to make games. In Code Hero, Gamebridge is a virtual campus you can explore and learn from AI mentors based on famous code heroes like Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage and Alan Turing.


Learn more about Gamebridge

You can learn more about our school and its history on our About page.

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