Gamebridge’s first Twitch streamed class: How to make a Pokemon Go clone with choice buttons using unique IDs

Gamebridge’s first Twitch streamed class

We streamed and recorded our first episode of what will be weekly online classes.

We are teaching a class series about how to make your own Pokemon Go-style AR app with Unity.

Our framework is called Hackemon and our class Findable encapsulates data about things that we can find, and our class Player stores lists of Findables each player finds.

We have a simple battle system and inventory list but to make the inventory list buttons work we need to refactor our choice buttons to use unique IDs that let us identify which item was clicked.

You can download the source for Hackemon at:

Our beginner-friendly tutorials are available at:…

New classes will be streamed Tuesday nights at 9 PST at:

This was our first Twitch stream and recorded class so we were nervous but it went well and William Chyr hosted us on his stream and it felt like a successful start.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.02.51 PM



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