Unity tutorials quick-start

Learn how to make your first game in minutes with self-paced tutorials.


Pictured above, Hack The Future participants trying Unity for the first time do Gamebridge tutorials and demo their first game by the end of the day.

To prepare, download and install the Unity game engine.

You’ll learn how to make an FPS like Minecraft with triggers, pickups, monsters, projectiles, building and more.

Tutorials category list

Note that tutorials are listed in reverse chronological order, with the first tutorials at the bottom and newer ones at the top.

First Person Character

fps characterThe first tutorial shows you how to make a world and place a first-person character so you can walk around and explore. But what happens if you fall off the edge of the world?

Trigger Teleport lava and portal


Add trigger objects like lava or water below your ground to catch you if you fall. You can make triggers that do things when you touch them like restart the level you’re at or take you to different levels.

Pickup coin


Create objects for players to pick up as rewards.

Block placer

block placer

Let players place blocks and build things.

Once you finish our tutorials, follow our links to other great ways to keep learning.

Upcoming tutorials:

You’ll learn how to make a virtual computer with a command line interface for text adventures, but this computer is visible in the FPS world and you can use it or get up and walk around the world.

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