Artbridge Wednesdays at Noisebridge, SF

Artbridge is a free weekly 2D/3D art learning session.

Learning to make art

Artbridge mentoring tutorials will cover how to make 2D and 3D art.

Art Resources

Our resources page has some art tools including some of the following which you can try beforehand to be prepared:

  • Mac/Windows/Linux Software
    • Krita a more artist-friendly bitmap and animation editor FREE
    • GIMP bitmap editing FREE
    • Blender 3D modeling/animation FREE
  • Mac/Windows Software
  • Physical art tools
    • Canvas, paint and paintbrushes (there are usually some in the shop for canvas and murals)
    • Pencils and lightbox for drawing 2D animation frames
    • How-to-draw books are essential to study and learn about human figure drawing, action poses, perspectives, etc.
    • A pocket Moleskine notebook is a good thing to have to sketch in every day to improve as an artist. Bring your sketchbook to class.

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