Game Jams

Game jams are weekend game dev hackathons where you team up with others to make experimental games, have a blast and learn a ton.

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Upcoming Game Jams

Join us for upcoming game jams and we’ll have a blast together.

Ludum Dare 37 December 2016 @ TBD

LD is a global online game jam with two categories: 48 hour solo competition and 72 hour team game jam.

  • Let’s organize an event at Gamenest!
  • Let’s do a Warmup Weekend the weekend before LD to get everyone prepared for the competition.


Global Game Jam January 20-22 2017 @ Gamenest

Global Game Jam is the biggest global jam of the year with multiple locations across cities around the world!


Our Game Jam Games

Play some of the games we’ve made at recent game jams!

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