Games made by us.

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Game Jam Games

We’ve built some games for Global Game Jam that you can try.

Global Game Jam 2016: Don’t Miss It

“Don’t Miss It” tells the story of a person going about their daily rituals who, attempting to experience some escape from the mundane routine of their working life, finds themselves… A mobile gaming distraction CALTRAIN simulator. Bitbucket repo

Global Game Jam 2014: BitHero

BitHero is an educational file recovery utility or a 1-bit RPG.

together in love

A game about love where two hearts beat as one. Work closely together with a partner to build a song. This is a simple two player game where both of you must move together to collect birds in the sky.
  • You cannot collect birds if you are not close to the other player.
  • Each bird represents a different musical instrument and as you collect more of an particular instrument, its music contributes more to the overall song.
  • Once you have collected everything, the game will finish and the finale will play.
The first game released by Corrie Stoddard, a Gamebridge alumni, Inspired by Flower by thatgamecompany

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