Gamebridge participants work on a series of ongoing game development projects to explore different programming and design concepts in depth.

Current Project


A Pokemon GO-inspired GPS/AR game development framework for Unity.

  • Currently has proof of concept Google map functionality with zoom

Pasts Projects


Integrates Fungus flowchart-based visual novel storytelling with an FPS controller so you can see messages as you explore a world and  Cardboard VR support by making the dialogue render in world space.

  • Next step is to package this for submission to the Fungus open-source project.


An experimental FPS implementing many basic gameplay mechanics.

  • Repo is large, currently separating useful parts like Mudbridge into standalone repos


A text adventure game framework with a scrolling console and a virtual computer you can activate within an FPS world to mix command line puzzles with immersive  environments.

  • Migrating files to repo from within GamebridgeFPS project


A VR simulation of Noisebridge Hackerspace.

  • Repo exceeded Git file size, migrating to GitLFS



A 3D Hackerspaces globe to help people find and join local hackerspaces.


Game Jam Games

You can play the games we’ve made at game jams!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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