SF Unityversity Bootcamp 2016 Sep 20

A new San Francisco Gamebridge Unityversity game dev boot camp begins Sept 20 2016:

  • WHEN: Starting Tuesday September 20 at 6PM
  • WHERE: Noisebridge Hackerspace 2169 Mission St. San Francisco, CA
  • WHO: Anyone who wants to learn and work and finish a game
    • Total beginners and experienced devs of all ages
    • Attendees at Noisebridge or onliners via Unityversity Discord and Twitch.tv/primerist,
    • People starting new projects or improving existing projects.
    • People using Unity or all game engines welcome
    • People interested in coding, designart, music, writing, production & testing
    • Solo devs and team groups or people looking to join a group
    • Learners who want mentoring and mentors who want to teach what they know

Noisebridge’s Gamebridge Unityversity is also open to other mentors and groups who want to help teach Unity or another kind of coding.

Unityversity Bootcamp Format

The first six weeks will be a bootcamp version of what we’ve taught at mentoring meetups like Hack The Future and Gamebridge Tuesdays at Noisebridge.

  • In a bootcamp format, beginners or experienced devs alike will get six weeks of mentoring to build a game and launch it into the world.
  • Participants should commit to the full six weeks of Tuesday evening sessions starting Sept 20 but students that miss the first couple sessions can catch up if they’re keen.

Week 1: Unity Orientation & Project Brainstorming & Group Formation

Everyone will get a chance to learn Unity for the first time or deepen their knowledge if they’re already familiar with it.

  • We’ll get to know who we’d like to work with on our projects and start to think of project ideas.
  • Over the week everyone will have a chance to develop their potential project ideas before we gather again to finalize our plans.

Week 2: Project kickoff and game design

  • We decide on our group projects and finalize teams.
  • We write a game design document for our game and a plan on how to implement the features we want to implement and create the content including levels, art, music, writing and more.
  • We build a partial prototype of some of the things we want in our game.
  • We begin a basic web site in WordPress to post develoepr logs as our game progresses.

Week 3: Feature development and finding the fun

  • We strive to get our project’s core features working and get the game playable in a prototype form.
  • We give prototype demos of our gameplay.

Week 4: Content development and testing

  • We expand on the features we’ve chosen and build out the world and content to develop a complete game with ramping learning challenges.
  • We ask for feedback on our game so far and test each others’ games.

Week 5: Prelaunch

  • We get our project ready for launch including last minute content polish, bug fixes and more.
  • We polish our game’s web site, game trailer video and more to showcase our game at launch.

Week 6: Demo Day

There will be a day of demoing at the end of the boot camp where students will show their projects and launch their releases with the web site, trailer and press kit into the world.


Week 7+: Postlaunch iteration as we keep on coding

  • After week 6 the “bootcamp” training ends and we move to post-launch as we spread the word about our game, listen to feedback and iterate on the game to improve it or come up with ideas for new projects.
  • Gamebridge Unityversity continues 24/7 on Discord chat and on a weekly basis as a mentoring meetup as a regular hangout for teams that have formed during the bootcamp or new students and developers looking to join.

Get signed up, space is limited

Room size is limited and the classes fill up fast so find out if you can make it and let us know. Let us know if you want to participate online via Discord and Twitch streaming.

For more information on how to sign up, contact us.

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