Game Dev Bootcamps

Game developer boot camps are designed to turn you into a game developer by taking you through the whole process of making your first game and mastering the skills you’ll need to make more.

Developer boot camps are multi-week courses designed to train people up from beginner or intermediate skills to a more advanced skill set sufficient to begin a career in their chosen field. The first such boot camp was Devbootcamp which teaches web development.

Gamebridge Unityversity is beginning to offer a free game dev boot camp in two locations in the Bay.

Check out any of our locations. You can also participate in the Noisebridge boot camp online via our Discord chat server.

Current Bootcamp Info and Sign -Up

If you would like to organize a game dev bootcamp in your area, contact us.

Other Game Dev Bootcamps

Gamebridge’s bootcamp is meant to be a free jumpstart to your game dev career but there is too much to learn in a single free camp and there are many other game camps worth checking out.

Develop With Passion Gamecrash Bootcamp

A guide to several game dev camps


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