HackerspacesVR is a 3D Hackerspaces globe to help people find and participate in local hackerspaces.


There are several hackerspaces apps that attempt to implement the hackerspaces.org space API, but all of them are incomplete and fail to even list Noisebridge hackerspace. Here’s what we hope to achieve:

  • 3D: Hackerspaces are a global phenomenon and it looks much cooler to see the earth glowing with their lights than to see boring google map pushpins.
  • Directions: You should get directionts to your local hackerspaces automatically.
  • Offline support. Regardless of a space’s API status, there needs to be an up-to-date current cached set of data about all spaces curated from Hackerspaces.org so people don’t miss out on spaces.
  • Event integration. Event listings at hackerspaces should generate iCal/webcal reminders for people to attend in the future.
  • Event recruitment: Every maker event such as Maker Faire should be able to direct every participant to the app to become involved in their local hackerspaces. Maker Faire shouldn’t end when people leave the event, it should be just beginning the rest of everyone’s maker lives.
  • Simulation game: A hackerspaces simulation game can show people how to start their own hackerspaces in a simple cookie-clicker type format initially.



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