Game Writing & Design Tools

Writing and designing games with non-linear branching narratives, player choices and event-driven dynamic dialogue require a new general of writing tools.

Articy Draft

Articy Draft is a flowchart of flowcharts with relational data fields, queries, lua scripting and location mapping all tied together. In our humble opinion, it is the holy grail of game writing and design. It is to game design writing what Unity is to game engines. (It does not yet have an actual augmented reality holographic UI, but the rest is true).

Articy is used in the top studios liked CD Projekt Red to make the game of the year RPGs like Witcher 3.

Here’s a reel of some games made with it in 2013. You might recognize a few all of them.

It cannot be endorsed enough and the more reviews you read the more wide-eyed hand waving raves you will hear by designers who will never write without it again like these:

“The reason why I’m mentioning articy:draft so much is because it’s awesome. No, this is not a sponsored post or whatever. I really like this software and it helps me get stuff done.” –JeFawk

“This isn’t like they paid me to do this, I just really like the project. I use it on my projects. I really like it! I think you will too.” –Zachary Snader, UAT

Articy Drafy Tutorials

You can read our Articy Draft tutorials to get started with it and learn how to get it working in Unity quickly.

Dialogue System for Unity

Dialogue System is the top AAA dialogue framework that imports Articy data directly and can execute many of its lua script conditions. It has its own node-based editor like Articy, but with very truncated boxes it would be hard to write stories directly into Dialogue System without the help of Articy as the authoring tool.

It also handles quests, items, variables, cutscenes, voice audio and more.

It integrates with other middleware to handle advanced intentory, lip sync, etc.


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