Visual Novels

Visual novels are a hugely creative genre of game that is beginner and writer friendly to make.

You can learn about how to make visual novels in our guide to making different game types.

Creative example visual novels

Digital: A Hate Story


Digital is a dialup modem BBS computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988. Discover a vast conspiracy lurking on the pre-Internet! Save the world from buffer overflows! Get away with telephone fraud! Hack the Gibson!

Analogue: A Hate Story


Analogue is a medeival-scifi followup to the retro-futuristic Digital. Analogue replaces the Ami GUI with talking AIs helping you investigate a disaster.

SC2VN: The competitive gaming story


SC2VN asks the question: What if Starcraft 2 was a dating simulator? What if a foreign player tried to break into the competitive Korean scene?

More interesting visual novels

Katawa Shoujo: The first popular original English language visual novel on Steam. Invented by a 4chan meme that sounded bad turned legit by outstanding VN authors. Represents differently able students’ lives honestly and realistically in a way that inspired many people who had never been portrayed as real protagonists before.


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