Unity tricks and tips

There are many tricks and tips that Unity developers pick up through experience that you can pick up faster by learning and sharing what you know. If you have tips of your own, write them in as comments below.

Editor Layout

Two Project Panels

You can have two Project tabs, one in vertical one column mode on the left so you can read long file names and multiple hierarchy levels and one in horizontal two column layout attached to your console on the bottom for easy filtering and large previews. Click in the top right corner of a panel to Add Tab / Project. Set the new Project tab to one column layout in the same menu.

Version Control

BitBucket is free for private game dev projects big and small

BitBucket has free private repositories and the SourceTree Git Client. Learn how to use it in our version control tutorial. When you exceed 1GB in file size, you can enable their Git LFS support with accelerated file syncing.

Asset Packages

Beware of Complete Projects

Be careful of Asset Store Complete Project packages that give a Complete Project warning: They will overwrite your project settings unless you uncheck the Project Settings folder in the import dialog box which may break some things like tags and layers but may allow you to important the other assets mostly intact.

Back up your asset store packages

Unity saves Asset Store packages onto your computer so you can back them up or transfer them between your computers without needing Net access to work, which is importanat for classroom use.

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