Unityversity Bootcamp 2

Bootcamp 2 is opening up to new participants doing the alpha phase and previous participants with games to refine and market into beta phase.

Bootcamp 1 is complete

Bootcamp 1 was a success with many teams demoing games they built in six weeks at our first demo night Oct 29 ’16. Check out the games they made on the Demo Night page.

Bootcamp 2 will be 8 weeks and 2 tracks

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Bootcamp will be quarterly

There will be 4 bootcamp cycles per year.

Post-launch pre-camp months

Each bootcamp will be followed by 4 weeks of post-launch support time for devs to focus on showing what they’ve made so far, recuperating, catching up on life stuff and experimenting with new ideas.

Unityversity Alpha Camp

Alpha Camp is expanding from the original 6 weeks to 8 weeks this time around.

Added is a first week of pure learning and experimentation for beginners to get comfortable with tools and for developers to generate and test early game ideas.

Polish week is split into two weeks, one for gameplay polish and one for art and audio polish.

The new camp outline is as follows:

Pre-kickoff recruitment & planning week (Tue Nov 8)

Before a new bootcamp cycle begins, we spend a week gatherieng feedback from the last cycle, generating ideas for the new cycle, briefing people on what to expect during the bootcamp and recruiting new participants for the next cycle starting the following week.

  • Introductions
    • Sharing our projects so far, taking notes and feedback
  • Onboarding
    • Discord signup
    • How to use the site
  • Make a list of people you want to come participate as potential teammates or to do their own projects
  • Prepare to have a concept pitch deck next week that we will share with each other for feedback to refine it and finally people will pick their teams based on which concept pitch excites them the most.

Alpha Camp Track

CONCEPT & TEAM WEEK (Tue Jan 3 ’17)

  • Talk: Game concept pitches and skill specialization roles.
  • Everyone explores ideas and levels up their skills as they get to know each other and Unity.
  • Concept pitching
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Discord invites


  • Week goal: Follow the game design doc writing tutorial and draft your game design document.

DESIGN WEEK 1 (Tue Jan 17 ’17)

FEATURES WEEK 2 (Tue Jan 24 ’17)

  • UI
  • Movement / player choices
  • Dialogue
  • Inventory

CONTENT WEEK 3 (Tue Jan 31 ’17)

  • Intro
  • Progression
  • End


  • Design
  • Writing
  • Gameplay
  • Testing

CONTENT POLISH (Tue Feb 14 ’17)

  • Visuals
    • Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Animation
    • Postprocessing
  • Audio
    • Sound design
    • Music
    • Procedural audio

PRELAUNCH (Tue Feb 21 ’17)

  • Early access
  • Itch.io Refinery testing
  • Greenlight

DEMO NIGHT (TBD Tue Feb 28?)

Rehearsal Night

Everyone will do a rehearsal demonstration the day before the live event to catch any last minute glitches or refinements in pitch style. (Fri Jan 5)

Demo Night

Demoable Kiosk Setup

We will set up kiosks for every game that is playable at demo night.

Noisebridge has 3 rolling TV stands.

We will set up additional stations using computer monitors.

Participants should bring in their displays from home just as they would if they were setting up their own demo stations at any event.

Those demoing with mobile VR should arrange to borrow as many phones and Cardboard HMDs as necessary equipped with headstraps (duct tape headstraps work fine).

Over-ear headphones will be used to let people hear the games in a sanitary way.

Unityversity Beta Camp Track

Beta  Camp is for people already working on games like those who completed Alpha Camp and want to do rounds of iteration on their game and their game marketing before launch.

Beta Camp will revisit all of the phases covered in alpha camp to refine the concept, design, features, content, testing and marketing of the game.

Additional focus will be on considering polishing the game to be marketable and testing it to be successful through word of mouth recommendations and press reviews. During alpha  camp, every week the games will get playtested and rated against these metric criteria until the game’s rating can be guestimated.

Beta Track Weekly Topics


Rapid prototype ideas for making the game more exciting and unique.


  • The game’s concept pitch is aimed now at marketing to the public and the game’s production plan to deliver on the concept is laid out.
  • The game’s description is refined to have good positioning statement that excites people about the game with just the name and one or two sentences anyone can understand.
  • We study two topics that will inform the game plan for the beta: Production and PR:


The design up to this point may have been evolving fluidly but it is time to nail down a comprehensive design doc that covers everything to be developed in the weeks ahead.

This will be done with a combination of Articy Draft and a word processing document.


The core features are perfected to work brilliantly and satisfy the game’s promise fully.


The content is evaluated in terms of progression to maximize the sense of momentum and continued learning by the player to keep them playing and enjoying the content till the end or at least far enough to recommend it.


The gameplay is improved in direct response to the design plan and player feedback before and after evaluates the difference made in player experience.


The game’s content including levels, writing, art and sound are all refined with player feedback before and after to evaluate improvement on the full game playthrough from start to finish.


Full Press Kit

We actually prepare our game to make our initial press contacts and get the word about our game now that it’s in good enough shape for early journalist previews to build buzz.

Playable Public Demoable Beta

At this point we complete the implementation of all the elements needed for press including web site, trailer, mailing list, etc.We make a build of the game suitable for unsupervised demoing in a standard kiosk for demonstration to players during events.

Game PR

When a Beta Camp game reaches its desired rating level, the game can progress to Ship Camp for final polish towards making a release candidate and carrying out the actual marketing launch, sales and post-launch maintenance.

Future: Unityversity Ship Camp

Ship Camp will focus on actually going to market with a full commercial launch of a finalized or early access game release on Steam or other app stores.

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