Game Programming

Game programming makes you a wizard who can create universes with your mind.

Start making games with Unity in C#

When people recommend a first language to begin learning to code, C# and Unity is one of the best first languages because making games can be more fun than playing them.

Or make games with flowcharts before learning C#

You can also learn to make visual novel games with Unity without programming at first using Fungus. Once you get a feel for game development in Unity, you can come back to C# and integrate it with Fungus flowcharts.

How to start learning C# in Unity

There are a few ways to get started with learning game programming in Unity.

  1. QUICK START: To make your first game in Unity, start with our Unityversity FPS tutoriallava
  2. GET GOOD: Once you’ve made a game with C# code you may or may not have understood, do Unity’s official Beginner Scripting and Intermediate Scripting tutorials to get good at C#.
  3. START HERE: Start with this video from the first tutorial, Scripts as Behaviour Components.

If you want to watch an in-depth introduction that covers the first few beginner tutorials, watch Coding in Unity for absolute beginners


How do you learn more about computer programming in general?

C# Station tutorials will teach you about C# programming outside of Unity to learn the language in general starting with writing simple command line programs.

Paul Ford’s “What is code?” article is lengthy but interestingly illustrated.

What about Javascript?

Unity supports a scripting language called Unityscript. Unityscript is similar to but different from web browser Javascript and similar to but different from C#. It might seem simpler, but it is a strange combination of two languages and it is best avoided. Stick to C# for Unity game programming.

Javascript on the other hand is a language used to make web apps and desktop apps like Visual Studio Code. If you want to learn Javascript to make web sites and apps, check out our guide to Web Development.


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