Game Artistry

Game artistry makes you a wizard who can paint universes into existence.

Making game art is one of the core game development skill specializations.

We have a basic game art tutorial to get you started.


There are a number of art subskills to be learned:

  • Concept art
    • Drawing
      • Environment drawing: Fleshing out level designs into detailed worlds
      • Character drawing: Making characters distinctive and memorable.
      • Painting: Adding color and depth to drawings
    • Storyboarding
  • 3D modeling
    • Environment modeling: Making structures and landscapes.
    • Prop modeling: Making objects for characters to interact with.
    • Character modeling: Making characters. Harder than environments.
  • 3D sculpting: Model characters and organic shapes.
    • Clothing modeling: Sculpt flowing fabrics for characters to wear.
  • 3D rigging: Preparing a character model’s skeleton to be articulated by animators.
  • 3D animating: Keyframing a character’s movements for walking and actions.
  • 3D texturing: painting substances onto characters to give them detail and color.
  • 3D baking turns high-poly art into low-poly normal mapped equivalents.

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