VRBridge is the virtual and augmented reality learning group of Gamebridge Unityversity Noisebridge Hackerspace.

  • WHAT:
    • VRBridge is the Noisebridge virtual and augmented reality learning group and is part of the Gamebridge game development group.
    • We communicate on Noisebridge Slack on #vr.
    • We have an HTC Vive VR headset and a number of Google Cardboard headsets for use with Android and iOS phones.
  • WHERE: Noisebridge Hackerspace at 2169 Mission St. San Francisco, CA
  • WHEN: We meet every Tuesday 6-8 PM.
  • WHO:
    • VR enthusiasts: You’re welcome to play on the headsets we have.
    • Aspiring VR developers: Come to learn about VR development.
  • CLASS: We specialize in teaching Unity game development and you can stick around till 8PM for the Gamebridge Unityversity’s CodebridgeUnity game programming class.
  • TUTORIALS: We are working on a VR Development tutorial guide.
  • BUYING GUIDE: We have a guide to buying VR equipment.
  • MORE ARTICLES: We have a category for VR-related articles.


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