Web Development

Web development makes you a wizard that can create apps that change the world.

Learning HTML

Learning to make web pages with HTML is a great step towards learning programming.

Do the Khan Academy HTML/CSS course.

Learning front-end Javascript

Once you understand HTML, Javsascript is the next step to make interactive experiences on web pages.

Do the Khan Academy HTML/JS Making web pages interactive course.

Learning back-end Javascript with Node.js

Nodeschool.io teaches Node.js with gamified tutorials and has local chapters you can meet up at around the world.

Make web apps that run as desktop apps

You can use Electron to turn Node.js apps into desktop apps. This is how Discord and Visual Studio Code and many others are developed.

Make web apps that talk to Unity

You can develop web apps that interact with Unity games through Unity’s WWW class which can request web pages.

You can embed web pages inside Unity using browser plugins for Unity like Coherent UI.

Learning general-purpose Javascript

The Khan Academy Javascript course using Processing teaches you to draw graphic. It is a good all-around education in programming with Javascript for any purpose.

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