Unityversity Santa Clara Sundays at Hacker Dojo

Gamebridge Unityversity Santa Clara Sundays are now weekly every Sunday at Hacker Dojo from 12-6PM in addition to the long-running Gamebridge San Francisco Tuesdays.


Free weekly game dev & VR classes for teens, all ages beginners and bootcampers


Every Sunday from 12-6PM:

  • 12-2 PM: For ages 12-17 & mentor volunteers.
  • 2-4PM: For all ages. beginner-friendly class.
  • 4-6PM: Bootcamp: 8 week workshop to make your first game.


Hacker Dojo at 3350 Thomas Road, Santa Clara, CA (Dojo’s new location)



Join the VRArcade Meetup event


12-2 PM: Unity game & VR Youth Class for ages 13-17

Come to a beginner-friendly class to learn about Unity game and VR development. Youth are welcome and there will be mentors to help you learn Unity and make your first games.

2-4 PM: Unity game & VR Class for all ages

Come to a beginner-friendly class to learn about Unity game and VR development.

4-6 PM: Bootcamp

Do you want to make a game from concept to completion? The Unityversity Bootcamp is a free 8-week mentoring process that will help you achieve that.

Existing projects welcome: If you have prior experience and a game concept in the works , bring the project and we’ll help you finish it.


For the learners’ classes, begin preparing:


  • Week 1: Experimentation
  • Week 2: Concept
  • Week 3: Design
  • Week 4: Features
  • Week 5: Content
  • Week 6: Playtesting
  • Week 7: Polish
  • Week 8: Prelaunch
  • Demo Night

About the VR Arcade

Gamebridge Unityversity Santa Clara is a partnership with Virtual World VR Arcade with a VR workspace where you and your friends can experience VR as a player by signing up for play sessions. You can also get access to VR as a developer. You can sign up for monthly membership to use the VR equipment and Hacker Dojo membership to use the rest of the hackerspace to work on your VR projects.


About the Hacker Dojo

Hacker Dojo is a hackerspace serving the silicon valley area with ample space, tools and community to support creative and technical projects. You can become a Hacker Dojo member with 24/7 access to the desks, monitors, meeting rooms, free coffee & tea, electronics workshop, 3D printer, laser cutter and more.



The first week had 90 attendees over 3 sessions:

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