A school of game development

Gamebridge Unityversity is a school of Unity game development with learning tutorials that you can use to learn at your own pace or in our classes.

Physical Classes

and which we teach in physical classes at weekly  Gamebridge Tuesdays at Noisebridge and Hack The Future youth learning hackathons.

Virtual Campus

Gamebridge is also the world of the game Code Hero, a game that teaches how to make games. In Code Hero, Gamebridge is a virtual campus you can explore and learn from AI mentors based on famous code heroes like Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage and Alan Turing.


Gamebridge was founded by Alex Peake in 2012 at Noisebridge Hackerspace. Alex is a game developer, teacher, reality augmenter, hackerspacer, 3D artist and musician based in the Bay.

Alex is developing Code Hero, a game that teaches how to make games that teach everything else. It is designed as a gateway for total beginners to learn how to code games in Unity. Gamebridge is both the virtual school setting of the game as well as a real-world Gamebridge Unityversity Global Game School with classes you can attend at hackerspaces.

Alex cofounded Hack The Future,  a monthly learning hackathon for young future hackers where Gamebridge Unityversity is taught to teens.

Alex expanded the Gamebridge to include  includes Codebridge C# coding, Songbridge music making, Artbridge 2D/3D art and Botbridge robotics.

Alex performs music as Primerist and is currently composing the Code Hero soundtrack album called World In Progress.


Alex is a member of Noisebridge Hackerspace and Sudoroom.

Alex was the Lead Unity Developer of the Meta augmented reality SDK for Unityand worked with holographic interface pioneers including Steve Mann, Steve Feiner, Meron Gribetz and Jayse Hansen.Alex is now incorporating AR and VR into Gamebridge curriculum and Code Hero.

Alex was IT Director, Lead Editor and Game Designer at Atomic Cartoons’ production of Atomic Betty, a show about a fighting girl who is going to save the world before elementary school recess ends.

At 13 Alex was mentored by Dr. Dude aka Professor Dave Fracchia and studied computer graphics at Simon Fraser Universtiy’s Gruvi lab.

Mentor Faculty

Gamebridge is taught by a cadre of dedicated mentors.

San Francisco

Mark Wilson

Silicon Valley


Trevor Paley


Gamebridge was founded by Alex Peake in 2012 at Noisebridge Hackerspace.

We had our first meetup November 2012 November 4th and it was a lot of fun. We made a game about evil companion cubes that want to give you a hug for very explosive definitions of hug. We were on hiatus for a while while Alex was away but we’re back in action.