Songbridge is the music and sound mentoring group of Gamebridge Unityversity. If you want to learn how to make songs and sounds, participate online and in person with our tutorials and weekly class series.

Songbridge Wednesdays

What to bring

  • Laptop (Loaner sometimes available)
  • software
  • music gear you want to learn or share (instruments, controllers, interfaces)

Gear we have

  • MIDI keyboards
  • Mics instruments drums and other gear

Peer to peer mentors wanted

Songbridge is a peer-to-peer mentoring group and if you have expertise you’d like to share, we’d love to have you help teach something at class.

Audio tools

We primarily teach Ableton Live for its cross-platform popularity and Logic Audio which is incredibly intuitive but Mac only. We also teach Audacity, a free audio editing app, for recording and manipulating audio files.

Audio resources

Resources lists great audio and music software.


We’ll be writing up several tutorials we’ve taught in class.

Ableton’s session view to experiment

Ableton control surfaces

Putting music into a game

Dynamic music responding to game events

Musical emotions: How to evoke feelings with  a song

Piano Primer: How to instantly learn to play piano

Twitch streaming

We are beginning to stream and record sessions live on our Twitch for people to participate remotely and catch up on sessions they missed.

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