Unityversity Faculty

Mentor Faculty

Gamebridge is taught by a cadre of dedicated mentors.

Alex Peake

Alex is the founder of Gamebridge Unityversity and developer of Code Hero. Alex also built the SDK at Meta.

Michael Vaganov

Michael taught the game development curriculum for Devry University and teaches a game development program at Sacred Heart School. Michael has a background in hardcore C++ game engine and mobile transpiler programming.

Trevor Paley

Trevor began as a Hack The Future participant and quickly because one of the leading Unity mentors working with Alex to train hundreds of future hackers.

Mark Willson, 2D Games Expert

Mark is developing a futuristic side scrolling adventure game called BootStrapper. Mark’s company Lost Generation Games is part of the Core Labs Games Accelerator.

Josh Paley

Josh teaches at Gunn High School and president of the Computer Science Teachers of America.

Mentors by Class Group

San Francisco Noisebridge Tuesdays

  • Alex Peake
  • Mark Willson
  • Valentine Burov

Silicon Valley Hacker Dojo Sundays

  • Alex Peake
  • Michael Vaganov
  • Trevor Paley
  • Josh Paley

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