Making a strategy game

Strategy games get to the essence of game design by being all about giving players interesting choices to plan and implement.

Implementing strategy games

Turn-based strategy games

Turn-based Strategy Framework

This open-source free package lets you get started making a grid-based map with hex or square tiles and terrain and units that move across it.

Turn-based Toolkit

This professional Unity asset package helps you take turn-based games to the next level with complete playable UI for a tactics-style game as one of its examples.

World Map Strategy Kit

This beautiful world map allows you to make a game that takes place in the real world or to modify the map to a different era or fictional world.

Real-time strategy games

RTS games are a different kind of beast from turn-based ones and it is not an easy type of game to start with, but it can be done more easily using asset store packages.

uRTS $20

uRTS is a package for building a real-time strategy game. It is only $20 and it even has a free lite version to help you learn and get started.


Multiplayer online battle arena games are an outgrowth of the RTS Warcraft 3.

Designing strategy games

  • At the point where you’ve solved a game’s puzzle, there’s nothing more to figure out.
  • Uncertainties diminish as you get further ahead and the ability to develop enough of everything makes small tradeoffs less important.
  • If minor uncertainties are no longer effective, how can you design major uncertainties?
  • In some ways, uncertainties are antithetical to strategic play. The more information about the future you can have, the more strategic you can be.
  • If you put in negative events, allow flexibility.
  • For example, random events can effect players of different ranks adaptively.
  • They can afford weaker players a chance to catch up while lead players are the ones forced to address the bulk of the random event’s consequences.

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