Simbridge Hackerspace Simulator

Simbridge is an FPS/VR simulation of Noisebridge Hackerspace. It exists to share what hackerspaces are about with those who haven’t been to one like Noisebridge yet and to showcase creative projects.


UPDATED: Now with Matterport scanned 3D model mode

simbridge matterport scan

Simulated Stations

The simulation of learning activity stations within the space such as 3D printers, soldering and laser cutting serves to demonstrate the kinds of things people can make and do at hackerspaces.

Make your Own Hackerspace

Simbridge is meant to inspire other hackerspaces to simulate their own floorplan and unique cultural elements. The activity station simulations are meant to be re-useable so that hackerspaces can share these complex modules while uniquely designing the space around them to reflect their local architecture and decorations.

Gitlab Repository



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