Internet VARchive

Internet archive test 1 screenshotWork in progress has begun to turn the Internet Archive 2017 Hackathon project into a working VR/AR experience for the anniversary event Oct 11.


We are learning how to do photogrammetry to combine photographs into 3D scanned models.

There are 2 very different kinds of photogrammetry: 3D scanning objects and indoor mapping architectural environments.

Best free photogrammetry software

Zephyr Free

Best paid photogrammetry software

RealityCapture on Steam because it has more easily computer switchable DRM that works on your steam account rather than being machine-locked

Object Scanning

Object scanning is best accomplished with a turn table and a clamp mount to attach objects to it while shooting pictures from a tripod.

Indoor Mapping

Pix4D has a very detailed guide and Youtube webinar to how to do the indoor mapping photography properly that is useful for any kind of photogrammetry software.

  • Use a tripod
  • Use fisheye lens

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