Make game, become developer

Make a game, become a developer, learn as you go, discover your specialties.

Some people believe you have to learn how to be a developer before you can make games.

Make a game

The first step towards becoming a game developer is to make a first game. Don’t worry that you don’t have experience yet, you will learn as you go from tutorials and make your game by applying the lessons you learn to what you’re trying to make.

Consider how to make different types of games and pick a game type that appeals to you and matches your skill set.

Become a game developer

Some people go to school for years before thinking they’re worthy to call themselves a game developer. Other people show up at a game jam willing to learn and put out a first game the same day. The game developer career path starts by making something, learning as you go and continuing to make better games solo till you start or join a game team.

Learn as you go


Start doing tutorials to learn as you go. They’ll help you get started with each major game type and you can follow tutorials till you know enough to make each part of your game.


Discover your specialties


Do you know what skill set you want to specialize in?

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